Rice Paper Lanterns

Chinese Rice Paper Lanterns - a soft, elegant, source of light for special events.
Hire our selection of rain resistant white paper lanterns in useful sizes or buy your own choice of shades to use with our safe low voltage electrics. Jim Philp has developed a whole style of lighting that takes advantage of the unique benefits of paper lanterns. 
The soft, diffuse light provided is in contrast to harsh halogen and LED up-lights and down-lights. Extra low voltage, isolated and outdoor transformers operating at 12v or 24v allow safe use of rice paper lanterns to reveal the magic in your outdoor party setting.
The majority of our lanterns are sufficiently robust to tolerate a whole series of rainy days without collapsing, while other lower cost lanterns will fall to pieces under a heavy dew.

Brightness can be adjusted with 12 or 24 volt ( ELV) lamps from 5w to 40w, and some led light sources. Indoor lantern displays running on mains can be dimmed easily using a range of 240volt dimmers. The use of adjustable stands allows the illumination of larger areas of lawn, cutting down on the need to use glary spotlights attached to buildings to reach out to light the centre of larger open lawn spaces. Using candles or similar light sources on tables and dry bars adds useful light to this type of open space.
Hanging rice paper lanterns at a function

Lanterns of All Sizes

Festoons of smaller lanterns on strings presents some challenges outdoors in relation to electrical safety unless safe extra low voltage wiring set up is used, so please consider our 24 volt 5 or 15 watt festoon lamp array - the results can be spectacular! Indoors, paper shades can simply be slipped over each bulb on a string of party lights. The load bearing capacity of the different gauges of party light cable and the weight of the bulbs (mains ordinary (GLS) bulbs, compact fluoro bulbs and very low wattage LED light bulbs) and shades needs to be carefully considered. Combinations of paper lanterns, fairy lights, and up-lights and down-lights often gives the most pleasing and affordable visual result.
  • Low Voltage Rice Paper Lantern (Hanging) including ELV wiring and transformer Installed and removed Hire $17.00
  • Low Voltage Lantern on Stand Hire $25.00
  • Low Voltage Festoon with smaller (30cm) shades per shade $10.00 
 Call Jim to discuss your paper lantern ideas. 3374 0503
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