Up-lights – Effective Lighting for Taller Trees and Hedges.

Highlight the distinctive features in your garden. Jim Philp is expert at the subtle spotlighting of attractive tree tops, floodlighting domed canopies of Jacarandas and Poincianas, the exquisite illumination of orchid encrusted tree trunks, flowering vines and palm inflorescences. Skilled placement of a single uplight can delightfully illuminate a flowering annual, a shapely shrub, and a distant ghostly gum. For your special event, replace the run of the mill house mounted security lights that can be uncomfortably glary for your guests with carefully placed uplights and downlights that emphasize the most attractive features of your garden while reflecting gentle illumination on a more comfortable gathering.

A New Lighting Perspective 

Conveniently placed spotlights on stands are used to light food serving tables, bars, steps, side paths and even portaloos. A wide selection of spot and flood beam angles and bulb wattages and colours allows Jim Philp to harmoniously integrate utilitarian and aesthetic illumination techniques into a satisfying visual experience.

You can make use of your house mounted floods and security lights by either pointing them straight down or (where possible) up into taller trees.
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