Elegant Wedding Lighting Hire 

Elegant.... magical.... spectacular.... the glowing descriptions your guests will shower on you when they see your garden transformed into a special place away from the stark and banal reality of everyday life for a very special occasion – your wedding.

Call Jim Philp 3374 0503 for an obligation free quote on site at your wedding reception venue. Ask to see the many photos of our work over the years and get the benefit of decades of experience lighting your garden for a very special evening.

Rice Paper Lanterns 

Soft lantern light glowing from spherical white rice paper lanterns suspended like full harvest moons from over-hanging branches and pergola beams really shows your guests a garden setting at its magical best.

Avenues of lanterns on curving stands light pathways guiding visitors to exciting new vistas for a truly memorable event.

Our lanterns are surprisingly rain resistant, and are powered by safe ELV (extra low voltage) lamps operating from transformers.
  • Rice Paper Lantern Installed $17.00
  • Rice Paper Lantern with Stand $25.00

Fairy Lights

The always popular sparkle of fairylights is the natural companion for lanterns, curving around hedges and shrubs, following the canopy of larger trees, lending an eye-pleasing sense of depth to your garden. Always consider using potted trees & shrubs with fairylights to hide blank spaces such as walls, marquees and fence lines.
  • Fairy Lights up to 24 metres installed $28.00
  • Fairy Lights up to 48 metres installed $35.00 (limited supplies)

See the Difference Yourself 

Whenever possible, I take photos of my lighting jobs and supply clients with up to five enlarged colour prints, usually A4 and/or 6x4 sizes. This service is offered as a promotional gesture and forms no part of any agreement or contract on my part and is not included in any fee paid to me for the lighting work. These images also preserve a record of the work done, the actual placement position at the time of installation, and can refresh the memory of myself and clients as to the state of the display. 

On numerous occasions, customers have referred me to photos supplied a number of years previous, and expressed a desire for a similar display for their current event.

The quality of results is uncertain and there is often difficulty in getting a good shot.

 Finding a suitable time to take photos is also difficult, but the results can, on occasion, be spectacular! Ican offer a range of other items such special lights for your wedding cake, Mirror balls for the dance floor, PA system for speeches, advice on Candles, the illumination of Balloons, advice on do-it-yourself solutions to party problems solutions. 

Flood Lights 

Used carefully to avoid glare, floodlights give very pleasing results lighting taller trees and palms. Uplights open out your field of view and reflect soft light back to your guests. Downlights mounted on tall stands can safely light paths and driveways, and bar and food service tables without glare.
  • Floodlights Hire PAR38 portaflood $12.00
  • Flood Lights Hire PAR38 on a stand $20.00
  • Halogen floods high power on a stand $22.00
Decoration done using fairy lights at the wedding function
Call today and book your next event 3374 0503.
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