Queensland’s Complete Outdoor Garden Lighting Hire 

Magic at dusk.... guests greeted in style with champagne, the bursting bubbles barely heard over appreciative murmurs of friendly approval. The heat of the day evaporates as the golden orb of the sun retreats revealing a magical wonderland of lanterns glowing under a canopy of trees and fairy light vistas curving through hedges and archways. Your party has begun, the only discordant note the screeching of parakeets retreating to a roost. The wide range of suitable venues we have lit include Golf Clubs, Heritage Homes, Queenslanders, Schools, a wide variety of Suburban Backyards (and front yards), modern, Tuscan, Ranch Style, Latin American, Spanish, Mayan, Geargian, 1950's Bungalows. All styles of garden can be magicly lit including country style, formal, cottage, tropical, native and night gardens, it doesn't matter whether it is in a new, decadent, heritage, or coastal garden in large yards or courtyards. We range from Northern NSW to the Sunshine Coast and the Darling Downs.

Personal Experienced Lighting Advice

I will visit your venue preferably in the evening to discuss the many options and combinations and price ranges that may suit your special event. I will bring a wide selection of photographs of lighting displays I have done so that you can see how the different lights, when carefully combined, produce a spectacular, elegant magical vista. All prices include delivery, installation, and removal for an over night hire. Generally, the lights are installed late afternoon and early evening a day or two in advance of your special event at no extra charge unless it is a very busy period, or it becomes clear you are holding more than one event. Extra days of formal use are charged at 20% of the first day's hire for every extra day.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

Install and remove hire fee $ 28.00. For a standard fairy light including transformers extension cords etc.(minimum garden lighting budget $165). Ideal for Cocktail Parties, Weddings, Birthday, Fashion Parades and more.

Fairy lights look best when used in generous quantities on foliage of shrubs & trees, hedges, garden beds, fences, pergolas, railings, ceilings & market brollies. 

Outdoor Lantern Hire

White Rice Paper Lanterns & Colourful Star Lanterns
Soft illumination to bring out the MAGIC in your garden. They may be hung from trees, Pergolas, or stands; or strung along a partylight cable. New safety rules mean only low voltage lamps should be used in outdoor lantern displays. Jim Philp has assembled a useful inventory of approved outdoor transformers, extra low voltage lamps, and outdoor power distribution sets that allows safe garden lighting displays. LED tealights can be supplied effectively to illuminate smaller paper lanterns for decorative mass displays. New lantern styles. Rectangular or BeeHive Shaped ground or floor mounting. Ideal for following pathways or hard to see stairs. Because members of the public may not be sufficiently trained or informed, complying with current more effective electrical safety regulations, Action Packed Lightshows supply outdoor lighting as an item installed by us. Specialised equipment is required to conform to new wiring & cable junction rules.
  • Hire fees: Flat rate fees per item installed & removed where there are no exceptional challenges.
  • Ricepaper or Star lanterns (hung from existing tree, pergola) $17.00
  • Ricepaper or Star lanterns shade plus Stand an attractive curved arm adjustable height stand $25.00

Outdoor Flood lights & Spotlighting 

Spotlights mounted on structures for general utility and security reasons frequently cause glare and discomfort to guests. Carefully placed floods & spots can add to the magic already happening with your fairy lights and lanterns. Palms, tall gums, jacarandas, poincianas, figs, mangos are just some of the trees where spots (with or without lanterns & fairylights) can add a gentle & mysterious glow to your setting.

Uplights (& downlights) ground mounted $12.00 
Includes PAR38 Portafloods in standard filament and compact fluorescent styles plus arange of halogen floods and spots.
High Power Halogen Floods on stand 500 watt $22,00
Outdoor Power Distribution Boxes HIRE FEE $35.00

For larger gardens and areas distant from sheltered power points we use a power box similar to a builders power box. This allows us to plug in a large number of outdoor transformers and outdoor floodlights safely. (The box has a safety switch and circuit breaker).
Power Stakes hire fee $6.00
For smaller distribution tasks (has an overload cutout and on-off switch).
Call today for an obligation free quote backed with 45 years experience lighting Queensland from all angles. 3374 0503 
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